STIMUL8®, Original Super Pre-Workout

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Why Do I Need A PreWorkout?

Pre-workout supplements can help you perform better during your workouts, give you extra energy and endurance, and help you finish your workout without feeling drained. FINAFLEX STIMUL8 Pre-Workout uses only the most effective ingredients to make sure you get the most out of every workout you complete with it as part of your pre-workout routine. Some of the many benefits of using FINAFLEX STIMUL8 Pre-Workout include increased endurance, extra energy, heightened focus and concentration, and even reduced muscle soreness after workouts.*

What Does STIMUL8 Do?

A pre-workout supplement is a substance designed to provide energy and stimulation, notably in sports or fitness routines. They are typically taken before a workout session and provide more benefits than a caffeinated drink like coffee. Pre-workouts contain stimulants such as caffeine, taurine, and guarana. These stimulants may give you increased concentration, focus, mood enhancement, increased metabolism (muscle growth), endurance (sustained work capacity), strength (force production) as well as mental clarity.

They also may help reduce fatigue by increasing blood flow to your muscles while giving you extra oxygen when they need it most which can make workouts feel easier. In addition they may prevent feelings of muscle cramps or nausea that occur during a workout due to low blood sugar levels.*

What Are The Ingredients Of STIMUL8?

As an athlete, you want to be sure your workouts are effective and that your body is able to repair itself quickly. So, before you head out to the gym, grab a box of FINAFLEX's STIMUL8. With 300mg of caffeine, 1000mg of vitamin c, and 3.6G Ripping and Endurance Matrix Blend, you'll have what it takes to conquer those obstacles in front of you. You don't need to spend hours at the gym for fitness - just take a scoop of STIMUL8 and see for yourself making the most of every second!