Organic Peanut Oil (16 fl oz.)


About This Product

Peanut lovers rejoice! Finally an Organic Peanut Oil that isn't afraid of high heat. Specially selected Organic peanuts are gently refined using all natural processes creating an oil that just loves a good flame. From Tempura to Pan friend trout, our neutral tasting Organic Peanut Oil allows all the rich natural flavors of your ingredients to really shine through. Can it finally be okay to play with fire?

Refined for High Heat


Different oils have different uses, and each performs best within a certain range of temperatures. Some are made for high heat cooking, while others have intense flavors that are best enjoyed by drizzling directly on to food. This oil is best for high heat applications like sauteing, frying and all-purpose cooking.

Supplement Facts

  • Serving Size: 1 TABLESPOON
  • Number of Servings: 32 Servings
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Protein  N/A*
Calories  N/A*
Total Carbohydrate  N/A*
Cholesterol  N/A*
Calories From Fat  N/A*
Sodium  N/A*
Monounsaturated Fat  N/A*
Polyunsaturated Fat  N/A*
Saturated Fat  5%
Total Fat  22%