Menthol Infused Compression Gloves Supports Arthritis Pain and Joint Swelling (S/M)


About This Product

The ICE Compression Gloves are designed to give you more power, more support, and more confidence in your everyday tasks. Infused with ICE, the patented micro-encapsulation technology with menthol and CoQ10, our form-fitting compression gloves have an open-finger design that fits like a second skin. The Sure Grip Technology across the palms and fingers provides added power and confidence when driving, opening and closing valves or jar lids, or any tasks requiring a non-slip grip. The adjustable compression strap at the wrist helps keep the product secure and comfortable.

Copper Fit ICE's breathable, lightweight compression gloves provide all-day comfort and hand support in any work place, home environment, or in any sport. Copper-infused to help reduce odors. The more you move, the more you release.