Flow Nano Massage Gun - Grey


About This Product

Easy Pain Relief in your pocket.

SMART APP - The Flow App allows complete personalization so you can take control of your pain through expertly designed and guided routines.

BATTERY - Nano uses high-quality lithium-ion cells to give you a long-lasting device to support your busy lifestyle.

WEIGHT - Lightweight and portable, the Nano weighs less than a water bottle.

SIZE - Smaller than your smartphone.

HEAT - Forget the disposables and upgrade the delivery of your pain relief with Nano's effective on-the-go heat treatment within 30 seconds.

PERCUSSION - 3 levels of percussion massage to put you in control of your treatment. A physio in your pocket

NOISE - Quiet enough so you can rely on the Nano to provide you pain relief no matter where you are.

COST - Forget the cycle of buying expensive & addictive disposables; Nano is affordable, safe and convenient.


Things are heating up! The world's first massage gun to have an inbuilt smart heat therapy element. The NANO's 3 power levels of percussion therapy allow the users to have a deep tissue massage whenever, wherever.